Loco Services holds the strong grip towards the consultancy and development of golf courses; which starts right from the initial surveys to golf course maintenance services.

Loco Services assembles a team of experts to focus on a single purpose and deliver a finished product that exceeds the expectations as well as the golf enthusiast. We have experience in golf course construction and maintenance to take on turn key projects. Our commitment to quality and matchless customer service is well-known and reflected in our work.

Loco Services is competent to aid the owners, land planners, societies and golf projects by providing the services on a consultancy basis:

Assessment of site conditions

Review of water resources and technical challenge

Coordination with golf course designers, irrigation system designers and surveyors etc.

Procurement & Logistics planning

Golf Course maintenance

Cash-flow projections

Project Management of golf course development

Financial structure & Staffing

Market demographics & membership pricing

Financial and Operational feasibility analysis

Membership Sales & Marketing

Maintenance & Operations budgeting and projections

Operation Planning

Business Strategic Planning

Grand Openings