GEC Open Pakistan

Loco Services is the Country Partner of GEC Open (Dubai Corporate Golf World Cup) in Pakistan. Amateur golfers get the chance to represent their country and compete among the other nations of the world.

History of GEC Open

The 35–country GEC Open global golf tour 2018 culminates in Dubai at the World Final – Dubai Corporate Golf World Cup 2018. Dubai Corporate Golf World Cup provides amateur and club golfers with a unique once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the thrill and excitement akin to a professional player.

GEC Open, in association with OMA Emirates, breathed a new wave of change in which this elite sport was played. With a lot of downtime to talk and accessibility for all ages, it’s a unique blend of sports and networking. GEC brings together leading global organizations and executives on a common platform through golf. GEC works to improve the lives of others through charitable causes while growing the bond & strength of business between corporate leaders.

History of GEC Open Pakistan

Loco Services is the Pakistan’s country partner of GEC Open – Dubai Corporate Golf World Cup (based in Dubai). Loco Services professionally organized the National Finals of GEC Open Pakistan 2018.